Is this us?Is it true that it really is us who are dividing ourselves from our own kind using labels?

 Is this really who we want to be? Don’t answer this now… Just think. It was us who were raised to always stick together with our brothers and sisters as kids, weren’t we? Then why is it just a big problem to stick along with the world. We’re not Pakistanis, Indians, Americans or Africans. We’re a world. We’re one. We’re not blacks or whites, we’re one. This world is Earth. OUR… World is Earth.
   Honestly, it’s much better to call us Earthlings than being in those groups that are shrinking us by dividing us further and further into smaller groups. So, don’t separate yourselves. Be one. Because if you don’t stop now… Then one day your future generations will be living with divisions of people’s names starting with each alphabet. 


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