Home alone

The wind blew as it drizzled one day when Caleb Waters was out roaming around his backyard. He shivered outside as he waited for his parents to arrive back home. The drizzle started transforming into rain and soon Caleb was soaked.
As much as he wanted to go sit inside his house, he couldn’t. A while ago when Caleb was sitting inside his room, he saw someone… he saw an eerie looking girl with creepy long hair and no eyes. He was just going to bed when he saw her. It was then that he found out his house was haunted. Just when she started walking towards him, he ran outside. His neighbours weren’t home, and he didn’t know anyone from the other streets. It was too dark to even roam further to find someone. He didn’t even have his phone to call his parents or some friend for help. Sadly he left the home phone inside his house.

His parents were taking way too long and Caleb was freezing to stay outside any longer. After a lot of thought, he decided to go inside his house to warm himself and find the phone to call his parents. With great courage, he managed to make his way to his doorsteps, and then came inside. He closed the door behind him. 

Silence… No sound of anything in his house. He went towards the phone which was lying on the kitchen table. Just when he was about to pick it up, he heard something. The radio. The radio just turned on itself. This gave him chills. The radio was all the way in the lounge. The volume kept increasing, and got louder and louder until all Caleb wanted to do was scream. He picked up the phone and ran towards the door to get out of his house. He tried opening the door knob… chrik chrik!

It didn’t budge. The door knob was stuck. 

Why is this happening to me?’ Thought Caleb. ‘Why me?

The radio got even louder, and Caleb was going crazy. He quickly dialed his mom’s number to call her

“Hello! Hello Caleb? Turn down the radio I can’t hear you…”

His mother spoke. Caleb shouted,

“Mom?! Mom I need you to come back right now! Can you hear me?”

“Caleb I cannot hear you. Please turn off the radio”

“I didn’t turn it on and I’m too scared to go in the lounge to turn it off because there’s something unusual going on and…”

“He.. Hello? Caleb? I don’t know what game you’re playing but I just need you to know that we’ll take longer to reach home because your dad is still busy with his friends right now. Please go to sleep. Bye”

“NO! no Mom wait! Please come h..”

Caleb realized the phone wasn’t on anymore. His mom hung up. Caleb tried calling again but…

ZZZ… The light flickered. It fluctuated a few times until the electricity completely shut down. Now the home phone wouldn’t work either. Caleb was all alone stuck in his house with NO electricity and NO way out of the house. 

“So come join us at the Carnival, tomorrow at 4pm, and don’t forget, the…”

When Caleb continued hearing the advertisement on the radio, he freaked out. The radio was still operating even though the electicity wasn’t even there anymore. 

Caleb decided to go to his lounge to turn off the radio once and for all. After he walked inside his lounge, he spotted the radio kept on the couch. He picked it up to turn it off. Just as he turned it off, he heard a scream from his bedroom. The same place he last saw the terrifying girl. 

Caleb went upstairs to his room to face his fears, even though he was still trembling with every step he took. When he reached his room, he saw the sinister girl standing on the edge of his opened window. She looked like she was just about to suicide. Just when she was about to move forward to jump out, her face instead turned around and twisted without her body moving, until her eyes were pointing exactly towards Caleb. Caleb ran and locked himself inside his toilet. He turned around, resting his back against the door to take a few breaths as he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes after two minutes of relief, he felt something tap on his shoulder. He was so frightened that he couldn’t even scream anymore.

Suddenly, the electricity came back on. When Caleb looked at the mirror, he turned red. Just behind him, stood the Devil. Right behind him. This time with eyes. Shocking red eyes. This was it. This was doomsday for Caleb. Just when he was about to give up, he heard a car drive in. 

It was his parents! They were home! He unlocked his toilet and ran downstairs. His parents were already inside the house by the time Caleb ran downstairs. He was so happy to see them. He tried explaining them everything that happened while they were gone but they didn’t believe him. Caleb gave up and was just happy to know he wasn’t home alone anymore. Not that he was alone before…

That night, his mother closed his bedroom lights for Caleb as he got into bed to sleep. Just when she closed the lights, she turned around. 

Red. Shocking red light beamed through the mothers eyes. Her hair looked longer than before… Much longer, if I must say.


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