Things to do when you’re bored

Honestly, being bored feels horrible. The times when you’re home alone and you just want to do something fun. Guess what? There are actually quite a lot of stuff you can do when you’re bored and alone at home.
For starters, just listen to songs and have fun. Don’t pressure yourself. If you’re bored, it’s probably because you don’t have any test or exam to study for. Not that studying isn’t boring… because it is. I just guessed you wouldn’t be searching for ‘things’ to do when you have studying to do. Hence, you probably don’t have any coming up tests or exams. My point is, shouldn’t you be happy you’re not busy studying?
Anyway, don’t want to listen to songs? Go read up some books. Not a reader? Go watch a movie. Netflix always has the best movies and shows. Don’t have a Netflix account? YouTube or DVD’s would work. Or better, start your own YouTube channel. Go write a story or start a blog, if not.
Want to try something different? Something fun? Go prank call your friend, or even some restaurant! Walmart always has the funniest responses. Just don’t get yourself into any trouble! Go try the lyric text pranks on one of your friends.
Play some video games, or watch some cartoons if you’re missing your childhood. If you’re a girl, go try some new hairstyles!


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