Writing is my passion. I’ve loved writing since I was about 8; I usually write short stories and poems. I started this blog just a few days ago because of my love for writing. Anyway, I think what I love the best about writing is that you can literally write about anything in the world. You can use your wildest imagination for ideas to write on. The fun part is there is no limitation. There’s just no limit to a human’s imagination. You could make up your very own character and give it any name you want, and make it do literally anything you want. You’re the king in your story. You know why? Because in your story, you make all the rules. You get to choose what happens. With every story I write, it seems like I’m opening my very own new world.   

Sometimes, I end up finding myself randomly opening my laptop and writing, even if I don’t have any ideas in my mind at that moment. When I start off with four to five lines, new ideas randomly start popping up inside my head and therefore, I have a new story in mind. Honestly, even if I have a story in my mind, I do sometimes suffer in coming up with conclusions. ‘Should I have a happy ending? Should I have a sad ending? Should the main character die? Should he end up becoming rich?’

Therefore, it sometimes becomes a difficult decision to come up with a good conclusion. Then there are those moments when I end up deleting the whole story and start rewriting a different version of it because I might just not be happy with it. It’s not just me, but many writers that end up writing so many drafts, and then erasing the whole story. But you know what the best part is? We don’t give up. We’ll rewrite it, but we won’t give up. Maybe we won’t rewrite the same story, but something different. My point is that most of us know what writing means to us, and we just won’t give up.  However, I do have to admit that for me, blogging about random thoughts have been much more fun than writing stories. 


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