Us kids these days, teens these days,

Gadgets give us so much craze.

Not into the other wonders of life, or even nature,

So much time wasting, so immature.

Stay up all night, texting with our fingers moving on top speed,

Yet we have all from our greed.

So much different from ancient times,

When there weren’t even such things as crimes.

Every time adults would take away a gadget and try,

We would end up ready to cry. 

Even if a gadget is taken away,
Sneak on another gadget for the rest of the day.

All of us have more than two gadgets at least,

Even if we have to steal them from a mighty beast,

All it takes to get a new gadget is a little acting,

Until you will be chanting.  

What to do without these?

Nothing but freeze.


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