My bucket list

Many people have a list of things they’d like to do before they die. I’ve never really thought about what my bucket list would be like… I feel like I should make one. Maybe because I just want to find out what all I want to do at least once, if not twice.  
1)Disneyland! That’s probably number one on my list. I really want to go visit Disneyland once again. I know I’ve already been there, but I was too young to experience the fun to my most! I just have to go there one more time at least. 

2)I want to go visit Phuket again. Phuket is my favorite place in the whole wide world, mainly because of the beaches and swimming pools everywhere. Technically, Phuket is an Island. I love every part of it. I remember playing with baby elephants and going elephant riding in Phuket.  

3)Skydiving! This is definitely on the list. As scary as it sounds, No one’s stopping me from doing this at least once during my life. 

4)Bungee Jumping is next on my list. Yes, I love taking risks in life. Why not take risks? Life is too short to be boring. Anyway, bungee jumping sounds much safer to me compared to skydiving 

5)I really want to learn surfing. I’ve seen people surf on television, and it sounds really fun. 

6)Skiing! I love playing around in the snow. 

7)Go on a world tour! 

8)I want to try all water related activities! Scuba diving, snorkeling, etc 

9)Paragliding! I don’t know much about this sport, but I have heard about it. As long as it’s something adventurous, I’m trying it. 

10) I want to change at least one person’s life by helping them. Not by doing something small that anyone could do, but actually change someone’s life.

11) I want to open up an orphanage, and make sure that the orphans get the same love and care every other kid would get. I love helping people and just love seeing smiles everywhere. 

 12)Climb all the way to the top of a tree. 

 13)Meet someone from the show ‘One Tree Hill’. If I get to choose who, it should be Sophia Bush or Chad Michael Murray. 

 14)To be a game show contestant 

 15)Swim with a dolphin! 

 16)Spend a night in a haunted place with a group of friends. 

 17)Ride in a helicopter 

 18)Ride some of the scariest roller coasters. 

 19)Go on a long road trip with a friend. 

 20)Go on as many adventures as I can.


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