Our World

Ever wonder what our world would be like if there were no wars? If peace was what our world was based around? If there was no bullying or no fighting? I’d say the world would be a perfect place. Why start wars when we have the capability not to. But then again who am I to blame anyone? We are humans after all, aren’t we? It doesn’t change the fact that we as humans can still control our actions. If only there was an end to racism, an end to the different treatment towards the rich and the poor, an end to different attitudes towards the thin and the fat, an end to murders and all the fighting around the world… I’d say the world would then be a much better place not only for you and me, but also for the upcoming generation.

The kind of world the future generation would live in is in our hands. It is us who can make changes to this world before the hypocrisy and the jealousy, hatred, and all the un-wanted drama increases. What are we all waiting for? Why are we sitting and not taking action before the world tears down and crumbles into tiny pieces? I’m not asking you to just read and agree that this world does have a problem we yet haven’t fixed, but then end up going to sleep and forgetting about this very problem im addressing. No. I’m writing this to increase awareness so that we all, together can save this world to help keep our planet in one piece.


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