Where am I?(part 1)

I felt a strong gush of wind slap my face, waking me up from a deep sleep. I realized I was lost. I didn’t know where I was. The complete silence around me made me feel afflictive. I couldn’t see anything. It was indubitably dark everywhere. As puzzled and clueless as I was, I couldn’t stop questioning myself,’Where was I? Why couldn’t I see? Was it night or was I dreaming? Or was I just locked up in a really dark room?’


I shrieked as I felt an urge to scratch my eye. I was sure a bug must’ve bit me. It was this very bug that made me realize I was blind. I found myself scratching my eyelids, which is how I realized my eyes were closed. This is why everything’s completely dark for me. I couldn’t see because I turned blind! I just couldn’t open my eyes! I felt like someone had glued or taped my eyes shut. But why weren’t my eyes hurting then? Or did I just naturally turn blind? Why is this happening to me? I had a normal life.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Silks and I am sixteen years old. My memory seems blurry for some reason. I just couldn’t remember a lot about my life. Everything seems so long ago. What if I was asleep for a long time? I did remember I had a family. My mother. My father. And my little sister. But the fact that I couldn’t even remember how I looked like intimidated me. I couldn’t even remember my favorite color.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I wait here and cry for help? Should I run? Should I just go back to sleep hoping that the next time I wake up I’ll have answers? I forced myself to get up and take a step. Taking a step made me feel like my bones hadn’t been moved for ages. Maybe I was really asleep for a long, long time. What had I done to deserve this? Had I hurt anyone? I wouldn’t had intentionally. Had I done something wrong? Had I made a mistake? I didn’t know the answers to these questions, may I remind you my memory was a total blur.

I took a few more steps till I felt myself walk into a pile of leaves interspersed on the ground. Startled, I managed to take a few more steps. I suddenly hit my foot onto something hard. I figured out it was a branch of a tree. I might’ve been blind but I did have my other senses.

I started hearing sounds from around me. Suddenly I heard something moving closer to me. I tightened my fists as the noise got louder and louder. It was the sound of someone walking through the same pile of leaves I was too. I found myself shivering as I felt a hand grab my arm. I screamed loudly trying to run but the grip on my arm was so tight, I could barely move. I felt the grip tighten second by second. I asked,

“Who are you?! What do you even want?”

“Shhh…”, I I heard an old man speak.

“Why can’t I see? Where am I”

I just couldn’t stop blurting out questions hoping he’s the one who has all the answers and can fix everything. After a three minute silence, he began to speak again,

“My name is Dr. Philips and you are one of my science experiments. I needed to test my experiment on someone young. I saw you, a sixteen year old walking to school one day and I decided to choose you”

I gulped hearing him tell me everything. I asked him if he could let me go and choose someone else. He replied,

“The science experiment has already been tried. I gave you a potion 50 years ago when you were still sixteen. The potion was supposed to keep you sixteen when you wake up 50 years later. You were asleep for fifty years. As we can see, my experiment failed and you’re now an old lady. If the experiment had worked I might’ve let you go because you wouldn’t had remembered any time passing. Unfortunately, I now have to kill you”

He even explained that the reason why I was blind is because my eyes just got used to staying shut the past 50 years. I tried to tell myself all this was just a bad dream and I’ll be my sixteen year old self again, waking up in my own bed, at my own house, with my own family. Why aren’t I getting up? Why was I still dreaming? When I felt his grip tighten, I finally admitted to myself that this wasn’t a dream.

He made it really clear he wasn’t going to let me go. He started tying me against the tree I hit my foot onto earlier. A shiver ran through my body as I heard the old man playing with his swords like he was getting ready to perform his murder. The strangest thing happened next.

I saw a small light. I couldn’t tell what it was. But from a far distance I could spot a light which seemed blurry. But wait, wasn’t I blind? Why could I now see a light? I couldn’t believe it. Was I in heaven? But isn’t heaven not supposed to be blurry? Could I be in hell? But hell’s supposed to have fire or something scary. That’s when I realized I wasn’t in hell, and neither was I in heaven. I hadn’t even been murdered yet. I just started getting my eyesight back. The light slowly got less blurry till I figured out it was a lantern kept at a distance. After recovering my vision, I saw the back of the old man. He was sitting on a corner drinking something. Probably water. I didn’t really bother figuring that out. What I did bother noticing was that a sword was kept just a bit further to where I was tied. I stretched my hand to get hold of the sword. I managed to cut off the ropes I was tied to, without making the old man realize any of what I was doing. I pulled the sword up and without wasting a single second, I managed to cut off his head. I might’ve murdered a man but at least I was now a free woman.


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