Where am I? Part 2


 Standing in front of the man I just murdered, the leaves rustling behind me made me shiver. I felt guilt clog my mind. But then again, if I hadn’t murdered him,  I wouldn’t be standing alive right now. At least I wasn’t stabbed with a sword. I was still alive. I finally convinced myself to let go of the sword I was bound to keep my hand on in case there was also someone else out here. I was surrounded by what seemed like never ending trees. The trees covered the dark sky. Bolts of thunders startled me as I let out a sigh, sitting under a tree. After catching my breath, I shouted a couple of times asking for help, hoping I’ll casually run into someone else wandering in the forest.

I rambled through the forest trying to find my way out. I spotted a lake on the corner of some bushes. I didn’t know whether it was okay for me to drink water out of a lake or not. But I didn’t really have any choice, did I? I didn’t want to die of thirst. I continued walking around the forest till I found myself back to the same spot I killed the old man at. But wait… If this is the same spot, why isn’t the old man’s body here anymore? I couldn’t see his body anywhere. Was there someone else here? Someone who took his body away? I panicked when I spotted his chopped off head still there. So someone took his body but left his head? I felt my head burning up while my heart started racing in panic. Suddenly I felt someone grab my arm from behind. The same way my arm was grabbed the last time I woke up in this forest. When I looked behind me to see who it was, my eyes fired up and I ran at a pace I’d never dared to run at before.

Did I really just see that or is my mind playing tricks on me? Is my imagination just running wild? Am I crazy? Or is what I saw true? Questions clogged my mind till I dropped on my legs to catch my breath. I tried to erase my mind from what I just saw. The old man was still alive. It was him I saw and him who I just ran from. Except… He didn’t have his head. A headless man was chasing me. But how was he still alive? I chopped off his head, didn’t I? I did! Then how in the world was he chasing me?

Suddenly I felt someone grab me, covering my mouth. I’d look behind me to see who it was but I already knew who it would be. The headless man. Who else would it be? Who else wants me dead more than this man does? I tried running away but his grip was so tight I could barely move. He broke off a pointed branch from a tree as if he were taking a toy from a baby. When he threatened to kill me, I had no choice but to accept defeat. I was really scared, but not about the fact I was about to be stabbed, but that I was about to be stabbed by a headless man. I heard a voice from a distance. I didn’t understand what the sound exactly was, but it sounded some-what like a laugh. Is someone here to rescue me? I started getting my hopes high till the laugh stopped and I heard,

“And you thaught you could defeat me? Very funny.”

It was his head speaking! The head that I chopped off earlier may not be on him but it was alive as well! I freaked out.

“My body and my head may not be together in one piece, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead, does it? In fact, I’m standing right in front of you. Why do you think I was even alive long enough to test the 50 year experiment on you? Since I’m about to kill you anyway, why don’t I just tell you what I did. 50 years ago, before I gave you a potion to drink, I drank another potion myself. The potion is supposed to keep me alive no matter what. You could pull a dagger through my heart, I’d still be alive”

He kept on telling me all about the potion but I stopped listening to him, thinking about how my life was really about to end. If I can’t kill him, I can’t even escape. Suddenly an idea popped up when I caught sight of a potion in his pocket. I read the label which said ‘The 50 year experiment’. I might not be able to kill him, but I can put him off to sleep. The same potion he gave me to put me off to sleep for 50 years. But… there was actually one problem. I need his head to give him the potion. He can’t drink the potion without his mouth, can he? I had an idea. I asked him,

“Since you’re going to kill me anyway, can you do it with your head with you? Without your head you can’t see. If you can’t see, you might end up trying two or three times before making sure I’m dead. With your head, you can get done with murdering me in one go. This way my death won’t be that painful. Please? I die either way.”


He sighed as he reached out for his head kept on the ground. He held his head in one hand, and the tree branch which he was about to use to kill me in his other hand. I quickly reached out to the potion in his pocket and stretched my arm to put a few drops of the potion in his mouth. He instantly dropped on the ground, also dropping his head from the floor. He fainted. I might’ve put a man to sleep but at least I was now a free woman. For real this time.


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