Hey guys!Sorry that I haven’t been active for a while! I was actually out of my country for vacations for like more than a month and I didn’t have my laptop along to do my typing. Now I’m coming back and I’ll be writing more again! I’m actually in the plane right now, and thought I’d just write this since I’ve got a few more hours left on this plane. I’m probably going to be back home by the time I post this though. Anyway, I’m sure you guys would want to hear a bit about my vacations! 
So my first stop was at Calgary in Canada. That’s where my cousins live. I’ve been to Canada only once before during my life. I loved every bit of my trip in Canada. From the water parks to the roller coasters and parades I saw, everything was amazing. I even got to see a stampede there. Roller coasters and water rides are something I love! I got to go on those too there. Thing is I’m an adventurous and risky kind of a girl. I’d rather take risks and make the most of my life than sitting and missing out on all of the fun. I admit roller coasters are scary but getting scared is fun, as long as you aren’t alone. Oh and how can I forget? I even got to go inside a haunted house made inside a theme park. This was actually a funny experience for me. The first time I went with a group of older people who told me to just run through the haunted house with them so that I don’t get scared. I did do that and because of that I didn’t really stay long enough to get scared. When I got out the haunted house, my six year old cousin wanted to go to the haunted house too. That meant I had to go inside it again. This time I was the older one. It was only me and her. She didn’t want to run so we walked through it slowly. Here is the funny part. I got scared by this robot who was made to be looked like an old scary lady who runs around. I made my cousin get out of the entrance with me because I got scared to complete this. I know I said getting scared is the fun part, but my cousin was only six so I was the one in charge instead of someone else. Anyway, my point is I had a lot of fun in Canada despite me embarrassing myself in front of my cousin. The best part about Canada is everyone there is nice. I didn’t once encounter any rude person there. Even strangers there are nice. It would be great to see more of the world acting like them.
Anyway, my next stop was America. That’s where both of my sisters live. My whole family got together there after a long time. The last time all of us were in the same city was two years ago, when I was thirteen. The places I visited in America were New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, Bar Harbor, and a couple more that came on the way. I got to go to the Six Flags water park in New Jersey with my dad. Along with that, all of us went on a sunset cruise. Overall, my trip was pretty entertaining! 


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