Is she really who you think she is?

Most people assume they know someone before they actually try and get to know them. I’m not blaming anyone for this because truth is that this is just the reality of our society today. People just love to assume what’s right by just a guess. When you see someone quiet, you assume they would rather sit on a corner reading their book than do something crazy. I’m not saying reading books is bad. I’m saying guessing someone’s life story just because of one specific thing they did, and assuming your guess to be right, that’s bad. That boy who you think likes to be left alone and doesn’t like having fun just because he’s quiet, you know what? He actually might be the kind of person who goes Bungee Jumping every day. Or perhaps every single day is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. 
It’s actually quite surprising how a person turns out to be totally different than you thought them to be. It is also quite surprising how many more friends you could have by just not judging someone’s entire life story by just looking at them. 
Imagine if you met someone one day and she stepped on your toe by accident. You assumed she’s rude just by that one mistake she made which was, I repeat, an accident. Yet you choose to never talk to her because you know she’s rude, she stepped on your toe didn’t she? Now I know some of you are actually smart enough to know not to assume this, but this is also the same as assuming a quiet person is someone who isn’t fun.
Life is short and if you go on guessing everything on your own, you’ll never see the truth. Life is not a game of guess and assume. Life is a reality you live in and you get to make choices. Choices such as what to assume and what not to assume. If I stop and think about the society today, the favorite thing people like to do is ‘judge’. You say you hate it when people judge you but then the very next day, you’re the one judging someone else. And the worst part is that you don’t even realize it. You just end up making up your mind about a person, but you didn’t realize that what you’re doing is called judging.

I’m not saying everyone judges. Some sensible people still do exist and there is still some humanity left on this Earth. But to all those people who are quick to judge people without even knowing them… I suggest you should consider changing the way you live your life.

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21 thoughts on “Is she really who you think she is?

  1. Reblogged this on Native of Nowhere and commented:
    Some wonderful comments by Simmone Nadeem about how people (lots of them) tend to make snap judgments of others after some superficial observations. If you earn a mental “red flag” to these folks before they even speak to you, one to one, they make sure that the conversation is of the type that discourages you from speaking to them again. So who’s actually to blame for the awkwardness? Everyone. Enjoy!

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    1. Hello, I wanted to respond to your comment but also to Von Simmone Nadeem: “Stop assuming the wrong”. (I can´t find this comment any more.)
      Basically, prejudices are bad, of course! not only for the person you judge but also for yourself. You develop perspectives that do not do justice to others and put yourself offside …. because you will not be loved for prejudices.
      I myself must confess that I often can not even picture people, even if I know people for a longer. Especially if it is anonymous on the internet, I have extreme problems. I can understand people who explain problems to me, but I can not picture them. Most of the time they are much friendlier and smarter than people you meet in the real world, but unfortunately it is and remains so noncommittal. And that’s why I only can try to represent my own point of view. I often feel stupid, misunderstood and sometimes even addressed, as in the comment above “Stop assuming the wrong” …. that unsettles extremely. I take a lot of time to read and try to understand, but max be it is just never enough.
      That means for me. I can not make picture of people online, neither of others nor of myself within these groups and that is for me as bad as a wrong picture.

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  2. Thanks for the post, that’s all right, what you write. But I think it’s normal, that human try to get a picture. It should not be a judgment, but the curiosity is there and you get a picture of a human being and the closer you get to this image, the closer you get to it. For some people you immediately have a “wire” and you do not know why. And witty way, it does not matter to most people, in which direction the picture develops on closer acquaintance, you just like it.
    But you’re right, you can not decide at first glance what a human being is like. You have to get to know him.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback!
      What I was saying wasn’t that it’s bad to be curious and get a picture of someone in your mind. What I was really trying to say was what you wrote in the end. That you shouldn’t decide at a “first glance” what a human being is like.

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      1. Thank you, so this may be is just my problem to make a real difference between making a first picture and judging. So you talk perhaps more about the process after the first picture. Abnd there I am completely with you. It is difficult but we should always try to understand people from their point of view. It is wonderful that you think of this!


  3. So good to read your Late NIght Musings–and thoughts on “not assuming the wrong”…I love that you are 15 and like to write and enjoy sports; I did, too when I was 15. What sports do you enjoy? Please keep writing! It seems you pick topics that matter to a lot of us; I like to write about people and what we feel, and sometimes funny stuff (because I am an ADD blonde, sadly, but it leads to things to write about sometimes as you can see in some of my posts! I found you because you LIKED my comment on Roy Halladay from The Captain’s blog….Thank you for stopping by–Im new at blogging; your blog seems to be well done and appealing!

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      1. Hey, I was hoping so …that’s what I played :)…what position do you like or play best? I was tall back in my day ha! Not so tall for now..I was 6 ft..and played post/center, but was also a good free throw shooter. My Mom even played back in the 50’s–semi-pro Women’s league in Atlanta that many people did not know existed! Thanks for checking out my blog! I will keep reading your Late Night Musings…It is hard to be 15!


      2. Wow sounds amazing! Especially that your mom played in the league. I keep switching positions from defender to shooter between games! I play it at school. Still trying to get better Haha!
        And thank you so much, so will I read your blog!!😊 Glad to make a new blogger friend !


  4. I agree with you on this. People need to stop judging by not stopping at their judgement, but by continuing their thought process through opening their minds and thinking from that person’s perspective. Comparing it to their own helps eliminate the initial judgement and improves a better understanding of why that person is the way they are or behaves the way they do. I have a small request, however, please make your font a little more easy to read. I found it difficult to read some of your titles.

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  5. A nice piece of writing Simmone! In life we have to patiently unfurl a person: almost like gently peeling an artichoke. Their heart will hopefully be tender and well suited to us 🙂

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    1. that sounds very nice! Yes, it is difficult to view situations from other people´s perspective, but certainly great if you have learned and understood it. At least if people are interessted and want to be understood.

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  6. Nice topic and a good read! People form their opinions based on their upbringing, accumulated knowledge, experiences, and personalities and their perceptions of the right and wrong. Judging is a one-way projection of their thinking without a well-rounded understanding. It’s not so easy to tell people to stop judging. I have to understand where the judgment comes from also.
    I’m glad you’re not a judgmental person. Happy for you!

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