The 30th floor is haunted…

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Hey guys!Sorry that I haven’t been active for a while! I was actually out of my country for vacations for like more than a month and I didn’t have my laptop along to do my typing. Now I’m coming back and I’ll be writing more again! I’m actually in the plane right now, and thought […]

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Today’s Generation

Why is the society of this generation so messed up? Why do people have to change the meanings of what they see. I’m sure everyone knows the saying on not to judge a book by it’s cover. But that’s what everyone’s doing, isn’t it? Why is it that when we see someone quiet, we assume […]

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Where am I? Part 2

(READ PART 1 BEFORE READING THIS)  Standing in front of the man I just murdered, the leaves rustling behind me made me shiver. I felt guilt clog my mind. But then again, if I hadn’t murdered him,  I wouldn’t be standing alive right now. At least I wasn’t stabbed with a sword. I was still […]

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Our World

Ever wonder what our world would be like if there were no wars? If peace was what our world was based around? If there was no bullying or no fighting? I’d say the world would be a perfect place. Why start wars when we have the capability not to. But then again who am I […]

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