Us kids these days, teens these days, Gadgets give us so much craze. Not into the other wonders of life, or even nature, So much time wasting, so immature. Stay up all night, texting with our fingers moving on top speed, Yet we have all from our greed. So much different from ancient times, When […]



Writing is my passion. I’ve loved writing since I was about 8; I usually write short stories and poems. I started this blog just a few days ago because of my love for writing. Anyway, I think what I love the best about writing is that you can literally write about anything in the world. […]



So cats are a really important part of my life. I grew up with cats and kittens around me, and for some reason I’ve always loved them. It’s not only cats; I love all animals. I don’t know if it’s their level of cuteness, or just how they play around, but they really make me […]

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Things to do when you’re bored

Honestly, being bored feels horrible. The times when you’re home alone and you just want to do something fun. Guess what? There are actually quite a lot of stuff you can do when you’re bored and alone at home. For starters, just listen to songs and have fun. Don’t pressure yourself. If you’re bored, it’s […]

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Home alone

The wind blew as it drizzled one day when Caleb Waters was out roaming around his backyard. He shivered outside as he waited for his parents to arrive back home. The drizzle started transforming into rain and soon Caleb was soaked. As much as he wanted to go sit inside his house, he couldn’t. A […]

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Is this us?Is it true that it really is us who are dividing ourselves from our own kind using labels?  Is this really who we want to be? Don’t answer this now… Just think. It was us who were raised to always stick together with our brothers and sisters as kids, weren’t we? Then why […]


Mr. Criminal

It was a thunderous night when Joshua Dickens was busy working in a hotel room he had recently rented. The lightening flashed as the rain drops continued racing each other. One by one the clouds emptied their stomachs and soon there was nothing in the sky but a ray of sunlight signaling it’s upcoming arrival. […]

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